Hello and welcome! This post is going to be about the future of Google. Google has changed rapidly in the past year or so. Before that the big giant was almost sleeping for years and years. Let´s go back to the start first and talk about the possible directions that Google is probably headed to. First of all Google is going to keep being link-based since it´s what separates it from other search engines. Sure these days bounce rate, click-through-rate and other user experience metrics are becoming more important but it look at links anyway. There´s no doubt about that. But it won´t be JUST about the links anymore like it used to be back in 2010 and even last year. Now you need to do lots of other things as well. You need to consider social signals which are signals of trust. You need to have trust on you side. Links just aren´t enough anymore.

I will get into more details in later posts about this and the future of Google soon though. This was basically my first go at blogging. What did you think? Leave comments for me wheather you liked or hated this article. Thank you!















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