The Role of Search Engine Optimization in Palmdale CA

Search engine optimization can be very helpful for companies. It is a very effective way to get customers for your business. We all know that by now. But can it really help small local businesses? The answer is of course yes. Obviously they will not become massive just because they rank #1 in their city but dominating in your own area is definitely a great start. That way you can grow later if you choose to. The company can spread to other cities and do the same SEO marketing there. For example our business ranks in several cities including here and here. That is one of the benefits of online marketing. The power of search engine optimization is in visibility as well so just the fact that people see you there is helping your company just like a television advertisement. Your company is now known and when people think which company they want for their job they will think of you. This is very basic but needs to be said now and then. We have witnessed many businesses get SEO for their firm and seen their business turn around completely in just a couple of months. It is not a guaranteed method but in most case online marketing works better than for example television, radio or print ads. If your company is not doing online marketing it is most likely missing out on a lot of money.

SEO in spring 2015

Search engine optimization is a very living thing by which I mean that it is always changing. The longest time without any changes happening has probably been about 3 months. I guess you can call that a long time but if it is your business I can tell you it is not. These days Higher State Online Marketing is pursuing success in Palmdale. We believe there are several companies (for example dentists) that could use our services to become very wealthy. After Palmdale we will most likely be headed towards changing the level of Glendale SEO services . It is a shame that many business owners do not understand the benefits of search engine optimization. If Google is practically the biggest media in the world then why would you not want to be seen there. It often seems weird to many people including especially people who do SEO for a living that people don´t understand SEO. I guess in some ways it is good since there is less competition that way, not that we are afraid of it. In short, SEO in the spring of 2015 is still almost the same as it was six months ago. Things have changed since 2014 but fortunately not too much since. Until next time.

Internet Marketing can make you a free man – or make you work 16-hour days for the rest of your life

The title says it all. Becoming an entrepreneur can be enticing. Especially these days when some people claim that they travel the world, do whatever they want and work only now and then. I guess it can be that easy once you have made it in life. If you have made millions and you no longer have a care in the world life can be pretty easy as long as you don´t have big responsibilities anymore. However only few people make it to that stage in life. They can move for example here: and change their lives completely. Or they can just sit back at home and watch television. There is nobody bossing you around anymore which feels great. On the other hand some people never make it. They actually work harder than they would if they just got a regular job and enjoyed their free time instead of using it to work for no money at all. You can easily work 16 hour days and never make too much money at all from it. It may be even worse if you do make some money from it because that gets you hooked. Then again life with hope is always better than a life where you gave up and have no chance of making things better. SEO or Internet marketing in general has freed many people but it has also ruined the lives of many people.

The History of SEO – Where Are We Now?

Search engine optimization has changed a lot during the years. Everyone who knows something about the topic knows that. You can´t deny that fact if you know anything about SEO. Before Google SEO used to be super simple. The search engines of those days would simply look at how many times the wanted words are on the page and rank the search results based on that and not much else. Obviously this simplicity in the ranking system lead to problems where people were able to game the system by putting the word hundreds of times on the page they wanted to rank. This happened in the days of Altavista, Lycos and other search engines that no longer exist. Then came Google and changed everything. They realized they could get a lot better search results by looking at the links pointed to the websites and rank them based on that factor. They also looked at the anchor text that was included in the links. This is something they still do but in a very different way. People figured this out very fast as well and soon Google got gamed the same way the older search engines had been gamed before. Someone even ranked George Bush for the word stupid. I personally still love that prank. These days SEO still exists but is becomes harder every year as Google becomes smarter. It still remains interesting to everyone involved and luckily also makes money for almost everyone involved. I personally hope it will stay this way for several years.

The Benefits Of Search Engine Optimization

People talk very much about SEO on this planet. Most of them do not talk about the benefits of it though. This is because they either know them so well that they are not worth talking about anymore or they are too deep in the field that they no longer remember to focus on them. There are several different benefits when it comes to search engine optimization. The main idea is of course to make money. This happens by getting people to visit your website and getting them to buy something from you or someone else. If they buy something from someone else you usually get a small part of that profit if it is your website. This is called affiliate marketing. It is the second most common form of SEO marketing. Many people prefer that because they do not want to involved with clients or other companies. So as you probably guessed already the most popular way to make money with SEO is doing it to clients. They pay you and you rank their website in return. They get more customers and everybody wins. It is quite simple and great for everybody. There are many people doing this which is great. This way the benefits of search engine optimization spread to many companies around the world.

Is Search Engine Optimization the Best Choice For Your Company?

Many search engine optimization firms may say that SEO is a good option for any company. Unfortunately that is not true. As an owner of an online company I would love to say that as well but it simply is not true. If you run a company that sells products or services that are quite small then search engine optimization might not give enough value to you compared to the expenses. An example of a case like this would be a local pizza place. If you do SEO for a pizza company they might get several new customers but the value of each new customer is unfortunately so low that it simply will not be profitable enough. What would be a good example then you might ask? There are some classic businesses that always come up when this topic gets talked about. These are companies that focus on such areas as law, dentistry, real estate or big machines. When they get new customers the value of each new customer is so high the benefit is very obvious to them. This way both the SEO company and the client company win. And we all know that win-win relationships are exactly what you want to have in business. That way you both stay in business for years and keep getting new customers all the time. See you in the next post soon!

Higher State Online Marketing – February 2015 Update

In February Higher State Online Marketing will be ranking everywhere in California on Google. Like I have mentioned before we will take over SEO searches in cities such as this one, this one and this one. You can see the links if you are interested in which cities I am talking about. And as I mentioned on the previous post the main idea is to focus on this area. We will see how high we can get in this short month of February. Our time is very limited since we were not able to do any search engine optimization during the first two weeks of this month but there are ways to do things fast and that is exactly what we will be doing. Time will show us what happens with both taking over Google in California and getting a nice client base in the USA. We are doing pretty well in Finland so we really hope to replicate that success here in the United States of America. This time we will be using some new tricks instead of the old ones but that should make our work even better which is great. Obviously we always want to become better and better although we are quite good already if not even among the very best at SEO in the world. Still you can always improve and that is exactly what we want to do and hope the same for your business. Have a great month in February!

Higher State Marketing – January update

Hello everybody! This is an update of the situation of my company called Higher State Online Marketing. The company is changing its course again. This time I will be focusing again on getting more clients for the company. This alternative seems to be the best option again after learning tons of new brilliant ideas from people who are crushing it in this area of business. I will not be charging clients every month from now on as a test. I do not know if this option of SEO services will prove to be the best option but I will find out once the company gets new clients. Another thing that will be changing soon is the number of cities I will be offering my services to. So far it has been only Anaheim and Fresno in California. However now I will be offering SEO services to the whole area of California including cities such as Santa Ana, Glendale, Irvine and even to Beverly Hills. So look out other SEO companies in California! I am coming to beat all of you! I´m just joking of course but I do believe that Higher State Online Marketing will have a big role in the search engine optimization market in 2015 and 2016.

Higher State Online Marketing moving to USA

Yes it is true. Higher State Online Marketing is slowly moving its business to the United States of America. This means less business in Europe (mostly in Finland) and more in USA. I will be focusing more on lead generation websites. I will no longer try to get more clients as there are several issues with that. I have had some major misunderstandings with some clients which has caused me to move my business to a lead based model. I will be building my own websites and sell leads to companies that want them. This way the companies do not have to wait for months to see results for their investment. The downside of this is of course that the websites won´t make any money for me while I rank them but I guess that is just fair anyway. I hope to see you as my client soon so I can help you boost your business as you will do for me as well. It´s a true win-win. Let´s make 2015 great for everybody!

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