March 12, 2015 macaman10

Internet Marketing can make you a free man – or make you work 16-hour days for the rest of your life

The title says it all. Becoming an entrepreneur can be enticing. Especially these days when some people claim that they travel the world, do whatever they want and work only now and then. I guess it can be that easy once you have made it in life. If you have made millions and you no longer have a care in the world life can be pretty easy as long as you don´t have big responsibilities anymore. However only few people make it to that stage in life. They can move for example here: and change their lives completely. Or they can just sit back at home and watch television. There is nobody bossing you around anymore which feels great. On the other hand some people never make it. They actually work harder than they would if they just got a regular job and enjoyed their free time instead of using it to work for no money at all. You can easily work 16 hour days and never make too much money at all from it. It may be even worse if you do make some money from it because that gets you hooked. Then again life with hope is always better than a life where you gave up and have no chance of making things better. SEO or Internet marketing in general has freed many people but it has also ruined the lives of many people.