February 25, 2015 macaman10

The History of SEO – Where Are We Now?

Search engine optimization has changed a lot during the years. Everyone who knows something about the topic knows that. You can´t deny that fact if you know anything about SEO. Before Google SEO used to be super simple. The search engines of those days would simply look at how many times the wanted words are on the page and rank the search results based on that and not much else. Obviously this simplicity in the ranking system lead to problems where people were able to game the system by putting the word hundreds of times on the page they wanted to rank. This happened in the days of Altavista, Lycos and other search engines that no longer exist. Then came Google and changed everything. They realized they could get a lot better search results by looking at the links pointed to the websites and rank them based on that factor. They also looked at the anchor text that was included in the links. This is something they still do but in a very different way. People figured this out very fast as well and soon Google got gamed the same way the older search engines had been gamed before. Someone even ranked George Bush for the word stupid. I personally still love that prank. These days SEO still exists but is becomes harder every year as Google becomes smarter. It still remains interesting to everyone involved and luckily also makes money for almost everyone involved. I personally hope it will stay this way for several years.