January 9, 2015 macaman10

Higher State Online Marketing moving to USA

Yes it is true. Higher State Online Marketing is slowly moving its business to the United States of America. This means less business in Europe (mostly in Finland) and more in USA. I will be focusing more on lead generation websites. I will no longer try to get more clients as there are several issues with that. I have had some major misunderstandings with some clients which has caused me to move my business to a lead based model. I will be building my own websites and sell leads to companies that want them. This way the companies do not have to wait for months to see results for their investment. The downside of this is of course that the websites won´t make any money for me while I rank them but I guess that is just fair anyway. I hope to see you as my client soon so I can help you boost your business as you will do for me as well. It´s a true win-win. Let´s make 2015 great for everybody!